About Us

We think outside the box.

We are a unique social enterprise without funding, who works with the community for the community. We have a can-do attitude to everything we embrace. No idea is too big or too small.



Business Innovation Zone is a totally unique concept, created by Gill Humble back in early 2015. It was originally set up to train young people to become “work ready”. Whilst working with young people for a number of years Gill was becoming very concerned with the ever increasing number of young people who were leaving education without the necessary confidence, self-esteem, motivation and life skills to find and sustain work in a rapidly changing world of work.

In this age of technology, gaining work is becoming more and more difficult. Gill also found that employers felt young people did not always seem to have the necessary skills, attitude and work ethic to gain employment.

Now, the Business Innovation Zone has created it's own job agency, B-Hive as the next step in our goal of leading people into employment. We feel our unique attitude will give you the skill and experience you need to find your ideal career.

What we offer

Conference/Meeting Rooms

We have a spacious conference room available to rent, including a screen and projector.

We also offer office space.

Here to talk

Here at the BIZ, we will always welcome anyone who needs help or advice.

Contact us, or just come to our offices and we will see how we can help.


We run regular workshops at the BIZ for a small fee.

Please contact us or follow us to hear about the latest workshops available.

Job Agency

We are a friendly team who specialise in helping people into employment.

We can take your CV or personal profile and match you with suitable roles.

Selling Site Agents

We offer a highly successful Selling Site Agency.

We sell your pre-loved items on your behalf for a small fee.

Work Experience

The BIZ is able to offer work experience in our offices.

Though this would be unpaid at first, there is a good chance that you could become a paid employee.